Terms and Conditions



1.1.       These terms and conditions (hereinafter Conditions) are an integral part of the booking agreement (hereinafter Booking) concluded between the customer (hereinafter Customer) and ADVENTURE 4 LIFE s.r.o., with company registration number in Slovakia: 51670305, and legal address: Druzstevna 23, 920 01 Hlohovec (hereinafter Company).

1.2.       The Booking provided by the Company to the Customer includes rental and the administration involved in documenting the reservation as Booking Information, Campervan, Booking Dates, Pick-up /Drop-off, Optional Extras, Booking Fee, Security Deposit and all other matters arising from and related to the reservation.

1.3.       Full booking information and all relevant information for the Booking are sent by the Company to   the Customer by booking confirmation email (hereinafter Confirmation Email).

1.4.       This is service for particular Booking (hereinafter Service).

1.5.       Definitions: In these conditions, the following definitions apply:

 “Booking Information” means all relevant information for the Booking provided by Company to the Customer.

“Campervan” includes all information about specific model of vehicle which is subject of Booking.

Booking Dates” are dates for which the Booking is made and which will be stated in Confirmation Email. “Pick-up / Drop -off” describes places and their fees for collection and return of vehicle chosen by Customer through the Booking.

“Pick-up / Drop -off” describes places and their fees for collection and return of vehicle chosen by Customer through the Booking.

“Optional Extras” are specific accessories chosen by the Customer through the Booking.

“Booking Fee” is total sum payable by the Customer for the Booking.

“Security Deposit” is the sum of 1000 Eur payed by the Customer to the Company. Payment is made on the collection date and by valid credit card with the name of the Customer or in cash.

1.6.       The Company provides the Booking using a reservation system that operates under the brand www.bevanslovakia.com (hereinafter Website).

1.7.       The Customer undertakes to pay the Company for the Service. The price of the Service is indicated on the Website and in the Confirmation Email sent to the Customer email by the Company. On the Website, the price of the Service is visible before choosing the payment method and entering payment card data.

1.8.       The Booking is concluded, if the Customer has booked the Service on the Website and funds available on the Customer debit card have been charged for this purpose or the Service has been paid for using PayPal or other payment method.

1.9.       Following the entry into force of the Booking, the funds (in the amount of the price for the Service and Security Deposit) will be withheld and transferred to the bank account of the Company. A Confirmation Email to the Customer email will be sent as confirmation that the Booking has been concluded.

1.10.     The Customer must become acquainted with the Conditions before applying for the Service and concluding the Booking. If the meaning or consequences of the Conditions are not clear to the Customer, it is strongly recommended that the Customer contacts the Company via email: info@bevanslovakia.com and get additional information on the Conditions prior to accepting them.



2.1.       When the Booking on the Website is made by the Customer, the Customer accepts the Conditions of the Company. The Company is responsible for change in terms and conditions.

2.2.       The Booking includes use of the Campervan for the Booking Dates, Unlimited Kilometres Allowance, Insurance and European Breakdown Cover (subject to Insurance and European Breakdown Cover conditions specified below), any Extras provided by the Company with the Booking, Optional Accessories chosen by the Customer.

2.3.       Optional Accessories and their one-off fees are chosen by the Customer during the Booking. These are subject to availability in the time of the Booking.

2.4.       The Customer is responsible for accurate and honest information provided in the Booking, such as the Booking Dates; the Customer’s Name, Age, Address, Driving Licence, valid ID / Passport, E-mail address and Telephone contact; Pick-Up / Drop-Off place.

2.5.       The Customer agrees to pay the Booking Fee in main currency Euros (EUR), in which all prices are published on the Website. The Booking Fees are subject to change from time to time.

2.6.       The Customer confirms that the main driver or anyone else who will drive the Campervan during the Booking has got valid driving licence for driving the Campervan and has held this licence for the minimum of 2 years from the date of issuing.

2.7.       The Customer agrees to show the Company driving licence and valid ID / Passport and allow the Company to take a photograph or make a copy.

2.8.       The Company cannot be held responsible if upon picking up the Campervan, the Customer does not meet above requirements.

2.9.       The Customer agrees and understands that any Animals are Not Permitted in the Campervan. If the presence of an animal in the Campervan is discovered and results in any damage to the Campervan or any additional cleaning being required, a sum from the Security Deposit will be deducted.

2.10.     The Customer agrees and understands that Smoking Cigarettes, including E-cigarettes and Open Fire is Not Permitted inside of the Campervan. If the evidence in the Campervan is discovered and results in any damage to the Campervan or any additional cleaning being required, a sum from the Security Deposit will be deducted.

2.11.     The Customer agrees and understands that the Campervan can be driven only in European Union countries (hereinafter EU countries).

2.12.     It is the Customer’s responsibility to carefully review all provided information about the selected Booking before making a booking.

2.13.     Upon receipt of the Booking Fee for the Booking, the Booking Dates will be held and an email confirming the Booking will be sent by the Company to the Customer within 24 hours.

2.14.     The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Company will keep the Booking Information (which includes the Customer’s personal details) for the purposes of the Company communication with the Customer about the Booking.

2.15.     The Customer agrees to comply with any policies, instructions or guidelines provided by the Company.



3.1.       Payment methods accepted by the Company on the Website for the Booking are a valid Debit / Credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer.

3.2.       Payment, withheld by the Company, consists of the price of the Service as well as payment for the Security Deposit. This payment is held by the Company.

3.3.       A Security Deposit of 1000 EUR is held on the Customer’s credit card or a cash deposit is taken by the Company to cover the costs of possible insurance excess / deductible, traffic violations, refuelling costs, etc. If no traffic violation costs or any other costs occur, the security deposit held on the credit card lapses, usually within 3 weeks from the end of the rental period. Cash deposit for the Security Deposit is returned on the Drop-Off date after no damage is discovered on the Campervan and no violation of any policies of the Company is known.

3.4.       Payments to the Company must be made in the local currency (EUR). If this currency is different from the currency of the Customer’s credit card, the credit card company will perform a currency exchange at its established rate and may also charge the card for a conversion fee. The Company is not responsible for discrepancies between the price shown on the Website and the amount for which the Customer’s credit card is charged if these discrepancies are due to the currency exchange rate used or the conversion fee.

3.5.       The Company requests pre-authorization on the credit card of the Customer for the amount of 1000 Euro or pay in cash by the Customer for the Security Deposit mentioned in the Booking Agreement before allowing the Customer to pick up the Campervan.



4.1.       Cancellation of the Booking by the Customer at any time will result in the amount from the Booking Fee being forfeited.

4.2.       When the Customer cancel the Booking more than 14 days in advance of the commencement of the Booking Dates and less than 180 days from date of payment (apply to PayPal only), the Company will refund full Booking Fee.

4.3.       When the Customer cancel the Booking more than 7 days and less than 14 days in advance of the commencement of the Booking Dates, the Company will refund 50% of the Booking Fee.

4.4.       When the Customer cancel the Booking more than 3 days and less than 7 days in advance of the commencement of the Booking Dates, the Company will refund 25% of the Booking Fee.

4.5.       When the Customer cancel the Booking less than 3 days prior the commencement of the Booking Dates, the Booking Fee will be non-refundable.

4.6.       To cancel the Booking the Customer must send a request to info@bevanslovakia.com . It is important to write an email from the same address provided in the Booking.

4.7.       No refund will be applied for unused rental days.

4.8.       The Customer must inform the Company about the cancellation of the booking even if no refund is available. If no information is given to the Company about the cancellation of the booking 24 hours before pick-up time and the Customer does not arrive in time to pick-up the Campervan, the Company can classify it as a No-show.

4.9.     As a No-Show scenario is considered any of the following situations:


4.9.1.       The Customer fails to pick up the Campervan at the time and date determined in the Confirmation Email,

4.9.2.       The Customer fails to provide valid documentation required to pick up the Campervan,

4.9.3.       The Customer fails to pay for the Security Deposit by a credit card in his / her name and surname with enough available funds on it or to pay for the Security Deposit in cash.

4.10.     In all of these No-Show scenarios, the Company is not obliged to refund the money received from the Customer.

4.11.     The Customer is not entitled to cancel the Booking if the rental period has already started.

4.12.     The Company and the Customer agree that in the case of any dispute regarding whether or not the booking Service has been provided, inter alia, a copy of the Booking or written confirmation (sent via email or post) will be acknowledged and accepted as proof.

4.13.     If the Campervan becomes unavailable for the Booking due to mechanical failure and no alternative vehicle can be found, the Booking will be cancelled and the Company will issue a full refund of the Booking Fee.

4.14.     If the Campervan suffers a mechanical failure during the Booking which cannot be resolved under the Company’s breakdown cover stated in clause 6, then the Company will refund apportioned sum of the Booking Fee for those days of the Booking Dates on which the Campervan cannot be used.



5.1.       Any requests to amend the Booking have to be sent to the Company’s email info@bevanslovakia.com at least 14 days prior to the Booking Dates.

5.2.       Approval of any amendments to the Booking is subject to availability of the Campervan for the amended dates requested by the Customer and is at the discretion of the Company.

5.3.       Where the Booking amendments include change of the Campervan version and accessories, the Company recalculates the Booking fee.

5.4.       If the Booking Fee for the amendments is higher than originally paid fee, the Customer needs to pay to the Company any additional sum required.

5.5.       If the Booking Fee for the amendments is lower than originally paid fee, the Customer will receive refund for any over-payment which has been already received by the Company.



6.1.       The Company has in place specialist European insurance (hereinafter Insurance) cover for the Campervan. Details of the Insurance together with criteria which the Customer must meet prior renting out the Campervan are provided in the Confirmation Email send to the Customer.

6.2.       If the Customer cannot meet insurance criteria stated in the Confirmation Email, the Company must be informed immediately for further options.

6.3.       Insurance Excess is calculated within the Security Deposit. In case the Campervan is being damaged or a claim being made under the insurance policy, the Customer is liable for the Security Deposit. Minimum sum deducted in the case of any damage made during the term of booking is 150 Euro.

6.4.       The Customer is liable for any damage to the Campervan arising from the Customer’s negligence or the negligence of any person who enters the Campervan with the Customer’s permission.

6.5.       The Company has comprehensive European Breakdown Cover (hereinafter Breakdown Cover) for the Campervan. Details of this Breakdown Cover are provided in person by the Company during Pick-Up date specified by the Customer. Countries which are not permitted and excluded from cover are: Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. If mechanical failure or any other accident happens in above countries, Customer is fully responsible for occurred costs. 

6.6.       If the Campervan suffers a mechanical failure during the Booking, which cannot be fixed under the Company’s Breakdown Cover, the Company will arrange transport for the Customer back to the normal Pick-Up location for the Campervan.



7.1.       The Customer must present the following documents when picking up the Campervan:

7.1.1.         valid driving license from the Customer’s country of origin. It must be valid also in the country where the Campervan is being used during the Booking;

7.1.2.         a valid passport or valid ID card;

7.1.3.         a valid credit card in the Customer’s name and surname;

7.2.       The Company shall not refund any sum paid and assumes no responsibility in any of the following circumstances printed / show Confirmation Email:

7.2.1.         no-show;

7.2.2.         showing up late without notifying the Company;

7.2.3.         unused days;

7.2.4.         failure to provide all required documents, driver license, passport / ID card, credit card with enough funds or cash to block the Security Deposit and;

7.2.5.         the Customer arrives at the specified Pick-Up place under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



8.1.       The Company takes care that personal data of the Customer are processed according to the General Data Protection Rights (hereinafter GDPR) requirements applicable in the European Union. The Company ensures that the Customer’s personal data will be processed in connection with lawful business purposes in order to ensure providing the Service requested by the Customer. The Customer agrees that:

8.1.1.         in order to provide the booking Service, the Company is entitled to receive the Customer’s personal data and contact information (full name, date of birth, phone number and email address) and booking-related information, so that it can provide the rental service requested;

8.1.2.         Customer’s email will be used by the Company to send confirmation of the booking in the form of a Confirmation Email;

8.1.3.         Customer’s phone number will be used by the Company to clarify questions regarding the booking, if they arise.

8.2.       Exhaustive information about our processing of your personal data, which personal data we collect and process, for what purposes we use it, how long we store it, and other information is specified in the Privacy Policy.



9.1. Claims and Complaints must be submitted in writing to info@bevanslovakia.com or to the Company’s legal address at ADVENTURE 4 LIFE s.r.o., Druzstevna 23, 920 01 Hlohovec, Slovakia. Any complaint must be received no later than 14 calendar days after the last date of the rental period. The Company will not process any complaints received after that period. The receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days, fully investigated and you will receive a full written response within 15 working days.

9.2.  If within a period of 14 calendar days there is no reply to any of our emails from the Customer, the case will be closed automatically without any compensation.



10.1.     The Customer takes responsibility for own possessions and must ensure that they are kept safely locked in the Campervan during the Booking. The Company accept no liability for any accident, loss of property or personal injury suffered by the Customer during the Booking.

10.2.     The Company cannot be liable for any act, neglect or fault on any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or Campervan, which the Customer or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of, or in any way connected with the Booking unless the Company is responsible.



11.1.     Without limiting the Company’s respective other rights or remedies, the Company may terminate the Booking with immediate effect if the Customer or any of the Customer’s party breaches any of these conditions.



12.1.     The Booking is personal to the Customer and the Customer cannot transfer any rights or obligations under these conditions to another person.

12.2.     Nobody other than the Company or the Customer have any rights under these conditions. No other persons have any rights to enforce any conditions.