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Cookies description

Cookies are small pieces of information, typically of letters and numbers, that your browser is asked to store when visiting some sites. They allow those sites to distinguish you from others. We use a small number of cookies essential to the functioning of our site, such as letting us remember what you put in your shopping trolley.  They are essential to the proper functioning of website.

Type of Cookies

  • Temporary cookies serve, for example, after signing in to the user identification service for the duration of the login. Without these cookies, some of our services may not work at all, or their functionality may be limited. Temporary cookies are automatically erased when the browser is turned off.
  • Permanent cookies remain in the browser even when the computer is shut down. These cookies are settings of a user and are therefore designed to increase their convenience when using our services, or for statistical or advertising purposes.

The user agrees to use cookies by clicking on the appropriate box in the lower bar that appears on our site. By changing of browser settings, users can simply disable cookies (including third-party cookies) at any time after granting this consent. However, if certain cookies are disabled in the browser, some parts of the site may not work properly.

Cookies are essential to the proper functioning of website. We aim to minimize the use of cookies and provide you clear information as to what they do. You can be safe in the knowledge that we take every step to protect your personal information and privacy. For further information on how we protect your data, please see our Privacy Policy.