Payment Conditions

Payment conditions specified payment methods and other conditions.

Payment methods accepted by the Company on the Website for the Booking are a valid Debit / Credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer.

Payment, withheld by the Company, consists of the price of the Service as well as payment for the Security Deposit. This payment is held by the Company.

A Security Deposit of 1000 EUR is held on the Customer’s credit card or a cash deposit is taken by the Company to cover the costs of possible insurance excess / deductible, traffic violations, refuelling costs, etc. If no traffic violation costs or any other costs occur, the security deposit held on the credit card lapses, usually within 3 weeks from the end of the rental period. Cash deposit for the Security Deposit is returned on the Drop-Off date after no damage is discovered on the Campervan and no violation of any policies of the Company is known.

Payments to the Company must be made in the local currency (EUR). If this currency is different from the currency of the Customer’s credit card, the credit card company will perform a currency exchange at its established rate and may also charge the card for a conversion fee. The Company is not responsible for discrepancies between the price shown on the Website and the amount for which the Customer’s credit card is charged if these discrepancies are due to the currency exchange rate used or the conversion fee.

The Company requests pre-authorization on the credit card of the Customer for the amount of 1000 Euro or pay in cash by the Customer for the Security Deposit mentioned in the Booking Agreement before allowing the Customer to pick up the Campervan.