Yoga BeVan

Can you imagine the hassle when packing your yoga mat and brick to your luggage?

BeVan team had this in mind and created Yoga BeVan version where Yogis can fully enjoy their time for meditation, practice and healthy food. For your journey we supply Yoga BeVan with Yoga mat and brick for your daily practice and fresh salad, vegetables, fruit, bread, grains, nuts and homemade snack for sweet teeth to keep you in condition.

Now, take a deep breath and relax on your next journey with Yoga BeVan.

Price List

minimum 2 days:  89 Euro / day

3 – 6 days:  79 Euro / day

7 – 13 days:  69 Euro / day

14 – 20 days:  65 Euro / day

21 – 30 days:  59 Euro / day

From  69.0 - 99.0 Unit Price

Pickup Date & Time
Dropoff Date & Time