TripLand Roof Tent in Orange colour

Tripland Roof Tent – Orange colour

Our unique TripLand Roof Tent is designed to be compact and still comfortable for any adventures you choose.

Equipped with comfy 140×200 cm foam mattress, sky window, safety aluminium ladder, LED light, 10000 mAh Powerbank and many storage pouches inside.

TripLand roof tent is suitable for 2 adults plus 1 children. If you are family of 4, then you can add 2 Man tent as extra accessory for more comfort.

Can be mounted to any car in a few minutes. You just need to have roof rack on your car.

Dimensions of packed tent: 145 x 125 x 27 cm

Price List for Roof Tent ONLY

minimum 3 days:  25 Euro / day

Security deposit: 300 Euro

From  25.0 Unit Price

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